Building Sales Capability Is Your Competitive Checkmate

In Part Two of The Diligence Fix, the concept of diligence is broken down into 10 dimensions. Each of these can become a target for capability building. For instance, Inner Resolve is a reality that you want running through your sales organization—and it starts will building resilient people.

So, what’s the difference between training and capability building? Training is tactical. It is a presentation of knowledge and facts, ideally with some opportunity to fumble through a practice.

Training is often commissioned because of a crisis or at least an obvious performance need. It’s built by establishing objectives that business leaders try to agree on. Then content is written or sourced to map back to those objectives. Once the training is finished, it is made available typically as a single episode – an e-learning course, a video attached to a CRM step, or a workshop.

Capability building is a developmental path. It combines business context with mindset and then adds defined activities that drive successful outcomes. It doesn’t start with getting approval for a bulleted list of objectives, it requires a broader strategic planning effort. The payoff for this investment is a sales team that thinks the way leadership does about the business—a reality that is exceedingly rare and inherently priceless.

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