How striving for more revenue stresses your sales organization and what to do about it.

A must-read for the C-suite and sales leadership.

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Higher quotas, new logos, deeper vertical focus, greater account penetration and contract renewals - the sales leader mandate is all about hauling in more revenue. The challenge is that pressure from these increased demands will break things in your sales organization. Your current infrastructure was likely built to handle lower levels of sales activity. As the system stretches beyond its limits, the methods and approaches that once worked for you are no longer viable.

When these obvious cracks emerge, many sales leaders are tempted to reach for quick fixes like training or technology. The problem is that these reactive measures often fall short of expectations. The Diligence Fix helps sales leaders ensure that their team is well prepared and positioned over the next three to five years to meet increased revenue demands head-on.

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Want to discuss media opportunities?

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I wrote 'The Diligence Fix' after 20 years of consulting with many different sales leaders around performance issues. When I would dig deeper in these conversations, it was interesting to see time and again the same nagging issues that were causing pain throughout the sales organization - I also noticed how tempting it was to reach for quick, but inadequate fixes.

In my five years of work as programming chair for the SELL conference hosted by the Association for Talent Development, I was able to further validate these trends. I had the chance to talk with sales enablement leaders, who are often the folks tasked to solve problems that hurt productivity. However, it became clear in listening to their experiences that solving one problem often exposes another and so on.

This insider view compelled me to document some of the common issues leading to cracks and gridlock that can stress out sales organizations. To provide a solution, I worked with a team of researchers. We identified the core capabilities of an effective and efficient sales function-what emerged was the need to operationalize diligence. So, I put on my implementation hat and created a challenging, yet completely doable gameplan to help sales leaders get it done. Because, as you will see in the pages of The Diligence Fix, time is of the essence.

Here's to fortifying the function and focusing on the fundamentals!


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