20 years of working with revenue leaders, identifying trends and uncovering best practices.

Dayna delivers insights worth implementing.

About Dayna

Dayna Williams has worked as a consultant for 20 years, helping sales organizations in a variety of industries like insurance, finance, software, hospitality, and trades. During her work, she noticed that all these companies were facing similar performance issues that were affecting their revenue teams. There was a lot of inconsistency that led to a decrease in productivity, and many clean-ups were necessary, leading to a waste of time and resources.

Dayna spent several years serving these organizations while documenting insights into what behaviors promoted growth and what hindered it. She came up with a unique approach called "The Diligence Fix," which she published in a book with the same title.

Today, Dayna works with CEOs, CROs, and other key leaders to identify and eliminate obstacles to sales growth. She also helps organizations make better use of their training and technology investments while working with them to develop other critical skills like internal messaging and communication campaigns that will promote significant alignment and consistent behaviors.

Dayna wins a Stevie award for innovative sales program design.

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Dayna wins a Stevie award for innovative sales program design.

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