With All Due Respect to Feedback, Leaders Can Give Teams a Better Gift

Clarity is the true gift. Sales leaders have a strategic view of the business. Whether it’s a Chief Revenue Officer reporting directly to CEO or a VP-level who engages routinely with senior management peers, these roles can articulate overarching business goals. Then, those goals inform the go-to-market plan which drives the sales strategy and so forth.

This top-down view is critical—it is easy to take it for granted. With so many tasks and objectives in play, it can be challenging to communicate what is truly important to the sales team and ensure they keep the big picture in mind. Yet the clarity that comes with taking the time to do this regularly is empowering for those executing your gameplan. Here are a few ways to work this messaging into your leader workflow:

Keep the End Objective Top of Mind:

In order to avoid mixed signals, sales leaders should set important benchmarks and deadlines that tie back to the strategic business goals of the company.

For example, if the overall objective is to grow new channels, then open each meeting with this behind you on a slide. As the team to share ideas around smaller, achievable goals that will help advance the GTM plan.

Give Reasoning Behind Prioritization:

Sales leaders often have multiple objectives they need to achieve within a limited timeframe. This causes the leader to pick and choose which objective to prioritize, which can result in confusion and mixed signals. To avoid this, sales leaders need to give reasoning behind their prioritization decisions. Clearly explain how each objective ties into the overall success of the company.

Bottom Line: By implementing these quick, but effective messaging habits, sales leader communication can become a lever of productivity. The clarity that it brings is a true gift, one that will instill confidence in the sales team and pay revenue dividends down the road.


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